Comment empêcher la tête de mon enfant de balloter en voiture ? Découvrez le masque de sommeil de voyage Ergonomique ASLEEP MASK®

How can I prevent my child's head from bobbing in the car? Discover the ASLEEP MASK® Ergonomic Travel Sleep Mask

Going by car with your child is often a pleasant adventure. However, a common image that many parents are familiar with is that of their child's head bobbing when they fall asleep in the back of the car . This situation is not only uncomfortable for the child, but it can also be a concern for their safety . Fortunately, there is an effective solution: the ASLEEP MASK® Ergonomic Travel Sleep Mask . This innovative device keeps the child's head straight and aligned, thus protecting their neck and back.

Why does your head bob in the car?

When children fall asleep in the car, their heads often begin to bob due to the sitting position and lack of proper support . The neck muscles, still poorly developed, struggle to hold the head upright. In addition, the vibrations and movements of the car accentuate this phenomenon.

The consequences of a bobbing head

A dizzy head isn't just about discomfort. It can lead to neck pain, muscle tension, and even long-term posture problems . In addition, sleep interrupted by incessant movements is not restorative, which can affect the child's mood and cheerfulness when he wakes up.

Introducing our ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask

The ASLEEP MASK® Ergonomic Travel Sleep Mask is a device designed specifically to solve this problem . It consists of a flexible and adjustable seat link which attaches to the headrest of the car seat and keeps the child's head in an upright position in almost weightlessness . Easy to use, our ergonomic travel sleep mask offers optimal support without compromising the child's comfort.

The advantages of ASLEEP MASK®


The first advantage of ASLEEP MASK® is safety. By keeping the child's head aligned, our ergonomic travel sleep mask reduces the risk of neck injuries in the event of sudden braking or a collision.


Thanks to its ergonomic design, the ASLEEP MASK® ensures maximum comfort. Made with soft and breathable materials, our ergonomic travel sleep mask does not interfere with the child's sleep and adapts to all body shapes .

Ease of use

Installing our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask is quick and simple. Simply attach the seat link around the headrest of the seat and adjust the straps for perfect support . Even the least "skillful" parents can install it in 1 minute.

How to use our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask correctly?

To ensure maximum efficiency, it is important to properly install the ASLEEP MASK®. Here are some simple steps:

1. Position the ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask on the child's head.

2. Secure the seat link around the car seat support.

Parent testimonials

Many parents have already adopted our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask and are delighted with it. Marie, mother of two children, testifies : "Since I used ASLEEP MASK®, my car journeys are much more peaceful. My children sleep peacefully and I no longer have to worry about seeing their heads bobbing. "

Studies and research on the safety of children in cars

Studies have shown that head support devices, like our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask, significantly reduce the risk of neck injuries in the event of an accident . Experts recommend this type of product for all young children who travel by car.

Comparison with other solutions

There are other solutions to support children's heads, such as travel cushions or neck supports. However, the ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask stands out for its effectiveness and simplicity . Unlike cushions, it does not move and provides constant support.

Why choose ASLEEP MASK®?

The ASLEEP MASK® is designed with high quality materials and has been rigorously tested to ensure its durability. Its ergonomic design makes it unique on the market and it is recommended by many sleep specialists .

Where to buy ASLEEP MASK®?

ASLEEP MASK® is only available online:

- Either on our site at the following address:

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- Either on the renowned Etsy platform at the following address:


Prices and special offers

The price of ASLEEP MASK® is very competitive compared to other solutions on the market. In addition, regular promotions are often available, making this product even more accessible.

Maintenance and care of ASLEEP MASK®

Maintaining the ASLEEP MASK® is simple. It can be hand washed with mild detergent and air dried. Its robust design guarantees a long life even after multiple washes.

FAQs about our ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask

1. Is ASLEEP MASK® suitable for all car seats?

Yes, the ASLEEP MASK® is adjustable and adapts to all car seats, planes, trains, coaches, etc.

2. Will my child feel comfortable wearing the ASLEEP MASK®?

Absolutely. The ASLEEP MASK® is designed to be soft and comfortable.

3. Is ASLEEP MASK® easy to install?

Yes, installation is very simple and only takes a minute.

4. Can I wash ASLEEP MASK®?

Yes, it can be washed by hand with mild detergent.

5. Where can I buy ASLEEP MASK®?

You can buy it online on our site.



Traveling with children can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to their comfort and safety. Our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask offers a simple and effective solution to ensure your child's head stays in place while they sleep in the car, train, plane, coach, etc. Don't hesitate to try this innovative product for more peaceful and pleasant journeys.

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