Mission, Partners and Support

Our Mission: reinvent sleep while traveling and traveling

We are honored to count on the support and collaboration of medical professionals as well as that of a former manager of the Air France team.

Their expertise was essential in the development of our revolutionary sleep mask, designed to provide OPTIMAL REST while seated.

Thanks to their contribution, ASLEEP MASK® meets the highest standards of comfort and quality, providing an incomparable sleeping experience while on the go.

Thank you to our partners for their valuable collaboration in our mission to reinvent sleep and rest while traveling.

PÔLE TES - E-Health Department | Institutional Partner

“Today, more than one in three French people have a sleep deficit. The ASLEEP MASK device facilitates restful sleep in a seated position while preserving the vertebral axis.
Research concerning ASLEEP MASK falls within the objectives and user needs identified by the Pole's e-Health department.

CHU CEAN | Health Partner - Doctor Vincent B. Osteopathic doctor

“The test carried out in the car shows that putting the mask in place and adjusting it quickly makes it possible to find, depending on the seat, a suitable positioning of the cervical spine and the head.
The movements of the head caused by the movement of the means of transport are controlled by the elasticity of the support of the mask, representing a damping of movements and a rapid repositioning of the head and the cervical spine. »

PFRS - INSERM - UniCaen | Health Partner - Damien D. Chronobiologist, expert in neurophysiology

“The Asleep Mask device is really interesting because it takes into account a determining element in the quality and quantity of sleep that can be found in a sitting position : this is the support of the head in the axis of the spine, in anatomical position.
In addition, the implementation of this device can facilitate access to sleep.

Asleep Mask amazed me... No one had the idea of ​​keeping the head in the axis of the spine during sleep, in a sitting position... it's a very simple idea.

For me, the interest in the mask:
- fall asleep quickly
- allow better sleep in terms of quality
- wake up in great shape »

Text from a journalist from the Paris Fair describing the ASLEEP MASK® “solution”:

Every traveler knows that it is very difficult to sleep in a sitting position and arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed.

ASLEEP MASK® is a very simple solution to this problem , which does not prevent it from being revolutionary!

This is an ergonomic sleep mask , equipped with
a judiciously positioned and patented belt. This set guarantees its user a so-called “anatomical” seated position: The head is held in the axis of the spine in near weightlessness.

The benefits are then numerous:

- No more pain in the back or neck

- Access to sleep is faster, and its quality is greatly improved

- The journey seems shorter and the traveler is truly rested upon arrival

- All thanks to a very affordable accessory co-opted by sleep specialists.