Dormir dans l’avion pour arriver en forme ! Un véritable défi !

Sleep on the plane to arrive in good shape! A real challenge!

A medium or long haul flight, an eco seat that you can't recline too much AND appointments upon arrival: you absolutely need to sleep on the plane to arrive in good shape! A real challenge!

Between the neighbors overexcited by the prospect of their vacation and the comments of the captain, we have to organize ourselves to succeed in falling into the arms of Morpheus at 10,000 meters . This is where ASLEEP MASK® comes in, the savior travel mask!


The challenges of sleeping on a plane

Sleeping on a plane can be a real hassle . Noises and distractions are omnipresent, whether they are announcements from the crew or chatter from neighbors. Economy class seats often offer limited comfort, making it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Added to this is the stress and anxiety associated with travel, which can also disrupt sleep.


The importance of sleep in flight

Sleeping on a plane isn't just about comfort. This is essential for physically recovering after long hours of flying . Good sleep also improves cognitive performance, which is crucial if you have meetings or commitments right away. Finally, sleeping in flight helps reduce the effects of jet lag, allowing you to adapt to a new time zone more easily.


Strategies for sleeping on a plane

To maximize your chances of sleeping well on a plane, prepare before the flight. Avoid caffeinated drinks and try to relax. Establish a pre-flight sleep routine, such as reading a book or listening to calming music.

Introducing ASLEEP MASK®, our INNOVATIVE travel sleep mask

Our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask is more than just a sleep mask . It keeps your head upright in your seat, avoiding sudden movements that constantly wake you up. In addition, it creates a bubble of silence thanks to the included earplugs. So you can isolate yourself from surrounding noise and sleep peacefully.


The head support

Good head support is crucial for sleeping comfortably on a plane. Our ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask is designed to provide this support, preventing your head from falling to the sides . This reduces the risk of neck aches and pain, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.


The bubble of silence

The earplugs included with our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask are specially designed to reduce environmental noise. Whether it's the captain's announcements or the neighbors' conversations, you can finally enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


The benefits of our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask

Our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask provides unparalleled comfort , transforming your flying experience. Not only does it help you sleep soundly, but it also reduces aches and pains associated with long hours of sitting . You arrive at your destination rested and ready to face the day.


Comparison with other solutions

Travel cushion

Travel pillows are popular but don't always provide good head support, often allowing the head to fall to the sides. In comparison, our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask keeps the head upright and stable.


Classic sleep mask

A typical sleep mask blocks light but does not reduce noise or support the head. Our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask combines these features for a complete solution.


Noise canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are effective at reducing sounds but can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask, with earplugs, offers a more comfortable alternative.


Testimonials and user reviews

Many users have shared their positive experiences with the ASLEEP MASK®. “I’ve never slept so well on a plane,” says Marie. “ASLEEP MASK® has transformed my travels,” says Paul. These testimonials highlight the effectiveness and comfort of the product.


How to use ASLEEP MASK® effectively

To get the most out of our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask, follow these instructions: place the mask on your head, adjust it to fit securely, and insert the earplugs. Make sure the mask fits snugly and comfortably before relaxing.


The impact on back health

Sleeping well on a plane with ASLEEP MASK® can prevent neck pain and improve your posture . By holding your head upright, it reduces strain on your neck and shoulders, allowing you to wake up without aches.


Travel in shape with our ASLEEP MASK® sleep mask

With our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask, you can arrive at your destination in great shape . No more frequent waking up and neck pain . You can now maximize your productivity as soon as you arrive, ready to honor all your appointments.


Where to buy ASLEEP MASK®

The ASLEEP MASK® is available online. You can order it directly from the official website for fast and convenient delivery by clicking here

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ASLEEP MASK® | Original

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In conclusion, ASLEEP MASK® is the ideal solution for sleeping on a plane . It combines comfort, head support and noise reduction to give you an unparalleled sleeping experience in flight. Try our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask to transform your travels and arrive refreshed every time.



Is the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Mask suitable for all types of airplane seats?

Yes, ASLEEP MASK® is designed for use on all types of aircraft seats, providing optimal support regardless of your position.

Can ASLEEP MASK® be used outside of airplanes?

Absolutely ! The ASLEEP MASK® can be used in any environment where you need to sleep or rest, such as in a car or on a train.

Is ASLEEP MASK® washable?

Yes, the ASLEEP MASK® is made with washable materials, allowing you to keep it clean and fresh for every use.

What guarantees are offered with ASLEEP MASK®?

The ASLEEP MASK® comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

Are there different sizes for the ASLEEP MASK®?

The ASLEEP MASK® is designed to accommodate all body shapes, providing a comfortable fit for all users.

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