Voyage de 500 km en BLABLACAR : Reposez-vous avec notre masque de sommeil de voyage ASLEEP MASK® !

500 km trip in BLABLACAR: Rest with our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask!

Reserving a place on BLA BLA CAR for a long journey is an excellent solution to share costs and make the trip more pleasant.

However, a 500 km trip with strangers can quickly become tiring, especially if you need to rest.

So how do you rest and recover during that long drive with strangers chatting in the back of the car?

The answer is simple: ASLEEP MASK®!


Preparing for the trip

Before embarking on this long journey, it is important to prepare yourself well.

Reserve your place on BLA BLA CAR is the first step.

Be sure to plan your trip, accounting for necessary breaks and packing everything you'll need to stay comfortable during the trip.


The Challenges of a Long Car Trip

A 500 km journey is already a challenge in itself , but doing it with strangers adds an extra layer of complexity.

You'll have to adapt to the personalities and habits of your fellow travelers, which can sometimes be exhausting.

Importance of Sleep and Rest

Rest is crucial to staying healthy , especially during a long trip. Quality sleep allows you to recover physically and mentally, and to stay alert once you arrive at your destination.

Not getting enough rest can affect your mood and concentration.

Introducing our ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask

That's where our ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask comes in .

But what is our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask ?

This is an innovative and patented French-made travel mask designed to help you sleep in a seated position even in noisy or uncomfortable environments.

This mask is easy to use and offers optimal comfort for effective rest.

Using our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask

To use ASLEEP MASK® travel mask, simply take it out of its pouch and position it around the headrest.

Once installed, it creates a comfortable barrier that isolates you from noise with the included earplugs and light, allowing you to fall asleep quickly and comfortably while seated.

Benefits of our ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask

Using ASLEEP MASK® has many advantages.

Not only does it allow you to sleep in a comfortable sitting position, but it also improves the quality of your sleep , ensuring you arrive at your destination rested and in great shape.

Additionally, it helps you avoid uncomfortable positions, reducing the chances of neck and shoulder pain after travel.

The ASLEEP MASK® is ideal for long car journeys. It effectively isolates you from outside noise thanks to its FREE earplugs, creating a calm environment conducive to sleep.

Designed to be both comfortable and easy to use, it is the perfect accessory for traveling with complete peace of mind.

Reactions from Fellow Travelers

Don't be surprised if your traveling companions are initially stunned when they see you take out your ASLEEP MASK® travel mask.

Their initial surprise will quickly turn into interest and curiosity, and they will likely want to know more about this handy rest tool.

How to Answer Questions

When your fellow travelers start asking questions, you can answer briefly before falling asleep.

Simply explain that the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask helps you rest while traveling and that you will be more willing to chat once you have had some rest.

Other Tips for a Pleasant Trip

In addition to our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask, there are other tips to make your trip more enjoyable. Listening to relaxing music or using meditation apps can also help you relax and enjoy the journey.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks during a long journey is essential, especially for the driver. Plan stops every two hours to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and rest.

Hydration and Nutrition

Remember to stay hydrated and eat healthy snacks along the way. Drinking enough water and eating nutritious foods will help you maintain your energy and stay alert.

The Impact of Rest on Road Safety

Rest plays a crucial role in road safety.

Fatigue is a leading cause of accidents, and getting enough rest can greatly improve your alertness and responsiveness while driving.

Traveler Experiences

Many travelers who have used the ASLEEP MASK® testify to its effectiveness.

They particularly appreciate the way it helps them relax and rest, even in difficult travel conditions.


In summary, resting during a long car ride with strangers may seem difficult, but with the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask, it's entirely possible.

This innovative mask offers you comfort and insulation from outside noise thanks to its FREE earplugs, allowing you to sleep peacefully and recover during the trip.

So, the next time you hit the road for a long journey, don't forget to bring your ASLEEP MASK®!

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Is the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask comfortable?

Yes, the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask is designed to be extremely comfortable , even for extended periods of time.

Can the ASLEEP MASK® sleep mask be used anywhere other than in a car?

Absolutely, the ASLEEP MASK® sleep mask can be used in any environment where you need to sleep or rest (Train, plane, coach and even in your office chair)

Is it easy to talk with the ASLEEP MASK® in place?

It is possible to talk with the ASLEEP MASK® in place, but it is designed to help you sleep, so it is best to remove it for long conversations.

How long does it take to get used to the ASLEEP MASK® travel mask?

Most users quickly get used to our ASLEEP MASK® travel mask, often after the first use.

Is ASLEEP MASK® available in different sizes?

No, our ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask is only available in ONE size but adapts to all sizes (children and adults - not too small, not too large) to provide optimal comfort.

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