Voyager… Que ce soit les vacances ou le boulot, la problématique est la même !

Traveling... Whether it's vacation or work, the problem is the same!

Traveling is often a source of pleasure, but it can also be synonymous with fatigue and discomfort , especially when sleep is disrupted.

Whether for work or on vacation, long hours spent sitting can cause body aches and frequent waking up, resulting in generalized fatigue.

What if a simple and effective solution existed?

Discover the ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask , your travel companion for restful sleep.

Sleep Problems While Traveling

The Challenges of Sleeping While Sitting

Sleeping sitting up is far from natural . Our bodies are designed to rest in a lying position, and maintaining a comfortable posture while sleeping seated is often a challenge. This position can cause neck and back pain, disrupting our sleep .

Aches Due to Immobility

Prolonged immobility during plane, train, bus or car travel can cause body aches. Muscles become stiff and joints become painful , contributing to a general feeling of discomfort.

Frequent Awakenings and Disturbed Sleep

Ambient noise, movements of other passengers, and general discomfort can lead to frequent awakenings. These interruptions disrupt the natural sleep cycle , making true recovery difficult.

Why is Sleep Essential When Traveling?

The Benefits of Good Sleep

Quality sleep is crucial for physical and mental health . It helps restore energy, improve mood, and strengthen the immune system. Traveling without proper sleep can quickly become exhausting.

Impact of Poor Sleep on Health

Poor sleep affects concentration, increases stress, and can even worsen certain health conditions like headaches and chronic pain. When traveling, these effects are amplified by fatigue and jet lag.

Role of Sleep in Recovery

Sleep allows the body to recover and repair itself . Without a good night's sleep, our ability to enjoy the trip or be productive while traveling for work is compromised.

Presentation of the ASLEEP MASK® travel mask

What is the ASLEEP MASK® sleep mask?

The ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask is an ingenious device designed to improve sleep quality while traveling . It combines sleep mask and head support functionality, allowing you to sleep comfortably in a seated position .

Main Features

Total blackout of light : Creates an environment conducive to sleep, even in broad daylight.

Ergonomic support : Keeps the head and neck aligned in the vertical axis, reducing muscle tension and ensuring restful sleep.

Compact design : Easy to carry and store.

How does the ASLEEP MASK® travel mask Improve Sleep while Traveling?

By offering optimal support to the head in a quasi-apesentaur position and blocking light , the ASLEEP MASK® sleep mask helps reduce frequent waking up and pain associated with poor posture, thus promoting quality sleep even on the move.

The Benefits of ASLEEP MASK®

Posture Maintenance

The ASLEEP MASK® travel mask helps maintain an upright posture, from the first cervical spine to the sacrum, by aligning the head with the spine . This reduces the risk of pain and neuralgia, often caused by poor sitting posture.

Reduction of Aches

Thanks to its ergonomic support, the ASLEEP MASK® sleep mask minimizes aches by keeping muscles relaxed and preventing unnecessary tension.

Improved Sleep Quality

By creating a dark environment and providing optimal support, the ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask significantly improves the quality of sleep, allowing true recovery even during long journeys.

How to use the ASLEEP MASK® travel mask?


1. Position the mask over your eyes, adjust the strap for optimal comfort.

2. Position the head support so that it holds your neck and head in a straight position.

3. Close your eyes and relax, letting ASLEEP MASK do the rest.

Tips for Maximum Effectiveness

1. Use earplugs to reduce ambient noise.

2. Hydrate well before sleeping to avoid dehydration.

3. Practice a few stretches before settling down to sleep.

The Science Behind the ASLEEP MASK® Ergonomic Travel Sleep Mask

Studies on Posture and Sleep

Research shows that maintaining good posture improves sleep quality and reduces muscle pain. The ASLEEP MASK® ergonomic sleep mask was designed taking these studies into account to provide optimal support .

How Light Affects Sleep

Light inhibits the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. By completely blocking light, ASLEEP MASK® promotes faster falling asleep and deeper sleep.

Evidence of Effectiveness of ASLEEP MASK®

Users have reported a significant reduction in awakenings and muscle pain after using the ASLEEP MASK® Ergonomic Travel Mask, confirming its effectiveness when traveling.

The ASLEEP MASK® Travel Mask for Short Trips

Importance of Micro-Naps

Even a 15 to 20 minute nap can recharge your batteries and improve your alertness. The ASLEEP MASK® travel mask is perfect for those micro-naps, providing quick and effective rest .

How does ASLEEP MASK Help in Short Term?

By blocking light and supporting the head, the ASLEEP MASK® travel sleep mask allows for a short but restorative nap , ideal for short trips.

The ASLEEP MASK® Travel Mask for Long Trips

Sleep Cycle Management

For trips lasting several hours, the ASLEEP MASK® helps navigate multiple sleep cycles , allowing for full recovery and reducing fatigue upon arrival.

Prevention of Neuralgia

Thanks to its ergonomic support, the ASLEEP MASK® travel mask prevents neck and back neuralgia , often caused by a poor seated sleeping position.

The Practical Design of ASLEEP MASK®


The ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask is compact and lightweight, easily slipping into a pocket or bag . It is the ideal companion for all your travels.

Ease of Maintenance

The mask is easy to clean , ensuring optimal hygiene even after numerous uses.

ASLEEP MASK®: An Affordable Choice

Price Comparison with Other Solutions

At less than $25 , the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Mask is an affordable solution compared to other sleep devices , which can cost significantly more without offering the same level of comfort and support.

Launch Offers

Take advantage of current introductory offers to get your ASLEEP MASK® at a reduced price, and discover its benefits for yourself.

Testimonials and User Reviews

Real Experiences

Frequent travelers have shared their positive experiences with the ASLEEP MASK® travel mask, highlighting its comfort and effectiveness .

Expert Opinion

Ergonomics and sleep experts have also endorsed the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask , recommending it as an effective solution for improving sleep while traveling.

Why choose the ASLEEP MASK® travel mask?

Highlights Summaries

- Ergonomic Support : Keeps the head and neck aligned.

- Light Blocking : Promotes deep sleep.

- Compact and Portable : Easy to carry.

- Affordable : Less than €25.

Competitive Advantages

The ASLEEP MASK® sleep mask stands out for its ingenious design and affordable price, offering excellent value for money compared to other travel sleep solutions.


Traveling can be tiring, but with the ASLEEP MASK® Travel Sleep Mask, you can transform your travel experience. Providing optimal support and blocking light, it improves the quality of your sleep, allowing you to arrive at your destination rested and without aches .

Don't wait any longer to try ASLEEP MASK® and discover its benefits for yourself.

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Is ASLEEP MASK® suitable for all ages?

Yes, the ASLEEP MASK® is designed for use by people of all ages, ensuring optimal comfort for everyone.

How to clean ASLEEP MASK®?

The travel mask can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a little mild soap. Let it air dry before using it again.

Can ASLEEP MASK® be used in other contexts?

Absolutely! The ASLEEP MASK® is also ideal for a nap at home, in the office, or even outdoors.

How long does ASLEEP MASK® last?

With proper maintenance, ASLEEP MASK® can last for several years, offering excellent value for money.

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